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What is the cost of replacement windows in CT? Replacing windows in a home can be very expensive, or reasonably priced, depending on a number of factors...

Sliding windows -

Sliding window has two or more sashes that slightly overlap and slide horizontally side to side within the frame. Some of the sliding windows on the market only have one side that slides open.

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Sliding doors -

Patio door can give you a feeling of expanded living space. You’ll enjoy more of your backyard, deck or terrace whether you’re relaxing outside or taking pleasure in the view of the outdoors…

Sliding doors Connecticut

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Replacement windows -

Over the last couple of decades replacement windows in CT have quickly become a popular choice for homeowners in Northeast region of the USA. Replacement windows are an attractive alternative to old drafty windows that leak air and cost homeowners money in higher energy bills year round. The main difference between replacement windows and new construction windows is the way that they are installed: former can be installed into existing wooden window frame and latter are primarily used in the new construction applications when an addition to an existing house or an entire new home is to be built.

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