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New windows – Connecticut

Over the last couple of decades replacement windows have quickly become a popular choice for homeowners in Northeast region of the USA. Replacement windows CT are an attractive alternative to old drafty windows that leak air and cost homeowners money in higher energy bills year round. The main difference between replacement windows and new construction windows is the way that they are installed: former can be installed into existing wooden window frame and latter are primarily used in the new construction applications when an addition to an existing house or an entire new home is to be built.

window replacement ct

Each year, more and more homeowners in Connecticut replace their old drafty and inefficient windows. In the current housing market, increasing number of homeowners is closely considering remodeling and renovation projects. Improving existing property, and raising its value is far more appealing in today’s economy. Homeowners in CT tend to stay in their homes and fix them up rather than move or build a new house. Also, energy costs are increasing every year. Because of these market conditions, installing energy efficient windows is among the top remodeling decisions. Most of the houses in Connecticut are several decades old at this point and need some remodeling projects among them window replacement. Millions of houses in the Northeast region need new windows.


There are several key reasons for replacing windows. Most residents in Connecticut replace their windows because of the following reasons:

  • Drafts of cold air in winter.
  • Windows are difficult to open or close.
  • “Foggy glass” – when condensation of moist air in between two panes of glass occurs, it is impossible to clean the glass.
  • Little security – old or broken locks
  • High heating bills. Most homeowners don’t realize that low-emissivity glass can help reduce their air conditioning bills as well.
  • Windows that are several decades old begin to deteriorate and fall apart.

Not enough light or ventilation of fresh air in the room or entire home. Normally, this problem requires an enlargement of an existing window opening and installing new replacement vinyl window with larger glass area.

window replacement ct

With all the benefits of the replacement windows, and the CT state sponsored programs to fund your window project, it is easy to see why vinyl replacement windows are an ideal solution to the all of the above problems of homeowners in CT and the entire Northeast region.