Sliding doors

Patio door can give you a feeling of expanded living space. You’ll enjoy more of your backyard, deck or terrace whether you’re relaxing outside or taking pleasure in the view of the outdoors from the comfort of your home. Sliding doors ct

But how do you know you need a new patio door? 7 signs that may tell you it’s time.
Over the years, we learned that no. 1 reason for homeowners to replace their patio door is foggy glass. Two problems with the foggy glass: 1) it obstructs your view; 2) you can’t clean it because of the condensation inside of the I.G. (insulated glass unit).

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Here’s the list of the most common problems homeowners may have with their older doors:

Foggy glass
This usually happens when the seal in the insulated glass fails letting the moisture in between two panes of glass.
It’s not uncommon to notice a draft standing next to an older patio door. You may be losing heat in winter and cool air in summer through the drafty door.
Little security
Frequently, older doors provide little security because of flimsy construction, for example hollow frame, and weak locks. Some homeowners jam a stick in the frame of an older slider when it’s not in use.
Difficult to open or close
Your door shouldn’t give you a hard time when you try open or close it.
Rotting frames (Sliding doors ct)
Look for rotting frames and sills.
Screen problems
Just like the operating panel of your door, your screen should not give a hard time to open or close either.
Excessive heat from the sun
Most of older wood and aluminum doors feature clear insulated glass. This type of glass acts like a magnifying glass making your room even warmer on a hot sunny day.