High Performance Glass

What you should know about high performance glass.

All nowadays replacement windows have insulated glass either double-pane or triple-pane glass. It is a combination or two or three sheets of glass sealed hermetically with air, argon or krypton gas.

Insulated glass


– inert gas that is odorless, safe, without color and has excellent thermal properties because it is 2 times denser than air. This gas’ job is to dramatically reduce the heat transfer from your home out and reduce the noise coming from the outside of your home.


– also inert gas with similar properties to argon, however this gas is considered a precious super insulating gas because it is even denser than argon. Although, it may be pricey in some markets due to the higher costs of production, it may make a lot of sense to consider replacement windows with Krypton gas the best energy efficiency available on the market currently.

Low-emissivity glass – Lowe glass for short

– specially engineered glass with special coatings on the interior of the glass of replacement windows. During the summer LowE glass lets the visible light in to your home and blocks most of the harmful UV-rays. This can help reduce cooling costs and protect your family from harmful long-wave sun radiation.

Warm-edge spacer system

– special spacer system that keeps the two or more panes of glass apart and is responsible for hermetically sealing the insulated glass unit in your replacement window. Its job is to reduce the heat transfer, cold transfer and also reduce the condensation.