Window Buying

Buying window replacement in CT and other states can be a stressful experience for many homeowners who don’t know anything about window products, their quality and the window companies to install them. This simple guide will help you get the answers for the most pressing questions in the window buying process.

There is a big difference between custom windows and stock-sized windows available at your local big box retail store. Window replacement ct

It is strongly recommended that you choose custom manufactured windows. Custom-sized windows are made to the nearest 1/8 of an inch. What it means to you? It means that when properly measured and manufactured your new windows will fit into an existing opening without any extensive carpentry work that might compromise the window efficiency and overall visual outcome of your window project. Stock-sized windows on the other hand may require retrofitting and unnecessary carpentry work and expense. Custom-sized replacement windows are made to fit your home right away and not the other way around.

Many various types are available. Be careful when choosing your perfect window and start by looking at the window frame.

If the window glass is like engine in the car, then the window main-frame is the window’s chassis. It really does impact the overall structural performance of the replacement window and its durability. The most common window frames available in CT today are: wood, aluminum and vinyl. Wood windows are good insulators, but due to wood as a main ingredient of their construction, wood windows usually require maintenance such as: painting, staining, or re-caulking. Wood windows may also absorb moisture. This may lead to warping and swelling of the frames. Another type – aluminum windows used to be the most popular choice for condominiums complexes in the 70s. Aluminum being one of the most highly conductive materials makes for poor insulator and conducts heat and cold. Many of the aluminum windows that were installed in the 70s and 80s already require replacement due to the excessive condensation, foggy insulated glass and scratched frames. Window replacement ct
Vinyl is very popular if not the most popular window frame choice in CT today. The reason is simple – vinyl frames are durable, highly insulating and its construction never needs painting.

There are different grades of vinyl windows.

There are two types of production of vinyl window frames. One is corners being fusion-welded corners, which basically means that corners of the window are heat welded. Such windows are characterized by great energy efficiency and remarkable durability. Another kind of vinyl window frames is windows that have mitered corners that are merged together by screws, or chemically welded corners. It is not uncommon that such windows often deteriorate at much faster rate and their performance declines quickly over time. At first look all vinyl windows look the same, but the difference in quality may be extreme. Many “lowest” priced manufactures use low quality vinyl in the production process. The final result is a window that has either blue or gray color tone to it. The construction of such window is flimsy and may become brittle over the years of us. To ensure that your windows are problem-free for years and that they look like new virtually forever, look for replacement window that was manufactured using highest quality grade vinyl available. This will people in Connecticut years of maintenance freedom and no warranty claims.

Other important construction features.

When you compare the two different window products next to each other, you should be able to feel the difference in quality of construction and ease of operation. It is strongly recommended that you choose replacement windows that have:

  • Steel reinforced sashes
  • Interlocking meeting rails
  • Thickest vinyl extrusion
  • Multi-chambered extrusion – provides exceptional insulating value
  • Multi-layered weatherstripping
  • High quality moving parts such as constant-force balance system

Insulated glass.

It is crucial that you choose windows that are built with double-strength glass. Thicker 3 mm glass (industry standard is 2 mm) means that glass will be more durable, and crack resistant.
Insulated glass, being about 80% of the entire window, is like the engine of the car and has a deciding role about its performance. You as the homeowner in Connecticut have the option to go with less expensive windows whose energy efficiency is not optimal or choose highly energy-efficient windows double-pane or triple-pane glass filled with inert, odorless, but denser than air gas – argon or krypton. When choosing windows, choose the best insulating package you can afford for your home and your family.

Replacement windows: investment or expense?

When homeowners use high quality replacement window and hire a professional to install them, they start saving money one energy bills, both heating and cooling (winter and summer).
They (homeowners) should also look at additional things such as time saving and functionality. High quality replacement windows are almost maintenance-free and do not require scrapping, sanding, painting. All they need is an occasional cleaning. And even when cleaning new windows, people who made that type of investment will notice that even cleaning saves them time. With new windows cleaning time is cut 50%. Also, according to the Remodeling Magazine’s 2010-11 “Cost vs. Value Report”, the national average of the cost recovered for vinyl replacement windows is 71.6%. In conclusion, when we take into consideration:
a) The amount that can be recouped during the sale of your CT property
b) Energy savings
c) Your time and energy saved during using, cleaning, and maintaining your windows
d) Recovery of the housing market

It is a no-brainer that vinyl replacement windows are a great investment in your home.

You will not spend too much time on maintenance and cleaning.

Replacement windows can vary in quality and that may affect the functionality and the amount of time needed to take care about windows. If you choose the ones (windows) that are of high quality, you will save your valuable time required for maintenance and cleaning. Most replacement windows today can be cleaned from inside and you don’t have to struggle with storm windows because there are none.

You don’t have to keep all windows the same kind as your original.

Yes. You can change styles and configurations any way you want it unless there are building code restrictions. In most cases, you can freely choose from the variety of window styles: double-hung, casement, sliding, picture, bay, bow, garden, and special shape windows. It is possible that you can order replacement window larger than you existing one for more sunlight or view. Or you can order virtually any shape of the window imaginable. It is true that customers in CT have limitless possibilities and an expression “sky is the limit” takes on new meaning…

You should strongly consider hiring a professional window company.

While some homeowners in Connecticut decide to perform the window project themselves or get some help from a friend or a family member, hiring a right window professional is one of the best the decision you can make for your home and family. Because companies that specialize in narrow area are usually the best in what they’re doing. Such companies can advise you on the right window product choice to satisfy your needs, plan and organize the entire project so it is smooth and painless for you and your family. Hiring a professional will assure the process of window replacement will go without surprises and mistakes. But beware of uninsured, untrained, and really not specializing in anything contractors. While many contractors claim that window installation is easy, please remember that nothing that is fast and easy is rarely ever worthwhile. Take your time and do your homework on the contractor background.

Choose windows manufactured here in the United States.

Couple of simple reasons:
In the unlikely event that something goes wrong, you want the company (manufacturer) to be able to serve you and solve your problem as soon as possible. This means delivering the replacement parts, accessories, and labor under your warranty.
There are many high quality window manufactures in the USA – you will support American economy.
Windows must meet certain criteria: air, water, structural load, thermal performance, and forced entry resistance, and must be tested by AAMA, ASTM and NFRC.
Choose windows that meet these criteria.

Choose peace of mind.

When you choose replacement windows that are backed with a Lifetime Warranty and were manufactured by a reputable manufacturer you will have peace of mind