If you wish to add some style and dimension to your windows, plenty of decorative options are being offered. A choice of grids can absolutely highlight the architectural style of your home. Replacement windows offer grids that are enclosed within the insulated glass unit for easy cleaning. Classic grid style such as colonial, diamond, prairie are only few choices from the whole available palette. Interior grids are also available in laminate woodgrain colors. Connecticut is so-called a colonial state. In colonial times window grids were very popular and so they are today. Window grids were not always purely decorative. During the colonial times in CT and other states, large sheets of glass were being shipped from England to America. The price of glass was relatively high, so was that of windows. Wealthier families could afford windows with glass that was cut out from one larger piece. However, scrap pieces were being used for to the production of windows for the less wealthy people. Small glass square or rectangular pieces of glass were connected together by using a wooden thin pieces wood. Colonial window grids were born. Today replacement window grids are commonly used in CT and most of the New England region because for pure decorative, colonial-look effect.